On Fri, 2008-11-21 at 16:36 -0500, Al Bolduc wrote:
> Did you try gimp --version?
> Al

Thanks for the suggestion. I was in fact calling up version 2.4-1.   

That was the result of having previously used different versions of gimp
without cleaning up after myself.  I won't go into details, but when I
chose gimp from the Fedora applications menu, it chose an earlier
version I had in /usr/local/bin, but had not been using.  I had instead
set up a launcher on my taskbar which chose  /usr/bin/gimp after setting
a default directory.  But that didn't work because of a defunct plugin
in my.gimp-2.4 directory, so I had created a new .gimp-2.4.  As a
result, I returned to using /usr/local/bin/gimp (a link to a 2.4.1
version I had previously compiled) without being aware of it.  My
mistake was in assuming that if I called it up from the Applications
menu I would get the version that came with the distribution, but that
was in fact wrong!

This is the second time something like this happened to me after the
upgrade to Fedora 9.  Next time, I  hope I will know what to look for
before pestering other people.  My apologies.

Thanks again.
Leonard Evens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Mathematics Department, Northwestern University

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