On Fri, 2008-11-21 at 15:28 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:

> Here is some further information.  I recently acquired a laptop running
> Ubuntu 8.04.   If I run gimp on it and use Help>About, it says it is 2.4.5.
> Also, the format of the window is entirely different from that for my Fedora
> version.  It looks like what I got with the latest version of gimp I had
> under Fedora 7, which I think was 2.4.3.

What window is different? And how is it different?

> The most likely explanation seems to me to be that because I also have
> gimp-help-2.4.1 installed, its version number is replacing the correct one
> when I use Help>About from within gimp.  If I work hard enough with the
> code, I can determine just what is happening.

gimp-help is certainly not affecting this. The version number shown in
the About dialog is compiled into the application. There is no way it
can show the wrong version number.


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