> On Saturday 22 November 2008, Skyler wrote:
>> I'm running windows vista 32 bit and GIMP 2.6.2. The vast majority of the
>> time that I try running GIMP, it doesn't start. There are no windows or
>> anything, but it is listed in the process list in task manager. Is there
>> anyway to fix this?
I have same problem on Windows XP Pro SP3 and gimp 2.6.2.
But I can use GIMP using some shortcuts. :)

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 2:56 AM, Daniel Hornung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Did you get that version of GIMP from the "offical" place, i.e. 
> gimp-win.sourceforge.net?
Yes. I got from gimp-win.sf.net

>  Do you use any fancy additional display drivers,
> e.g. for addional virtual desktops?
no. nothing.

But in my virtual windows on my virtualbox, there's no problem.
(Host is ubuntu 8.04, Guest is Windows XP Pro SP3)

So I guess it's not a problem of gimp. and I recommend to Skyler to
try to move your gimp window.
At your taskbar, right-click on gimp, and choose "move". You may use
arrow-keys to move the window.

JiHui Choi
http://GIMP.kr,  http://OpenOffice.or.kr,  http://Ubuntu.or.kr
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