> > I use TurboPrint 2.x to print from Gimp 2.6.2 on my desktop computer
> > running Ubuntu 8.04. I would like to print from a remote laptop computer
> > running Ubuntu 8.10 using a wireless connection and still be able to use
> > TurboPrint. Has anyone any experience of this or any idea on how to
> > achieve it, please?
> What is that "turboprint" and how does it work? If it just makes printers 
> available via cups, there should be no problem. If it works with Ubuntu 8.04 
> but not with 8.10, that would be an Ubuntu problem and the Ubuntu people 
> should work on it. Printing through a network (as you seem to want to do) 
> works as well or bad with GIMP as with any other application, wireless or by 
> cable.

TuboPrint is a piece of commercial software which I happen to find an
excellent companion to Gimp for producing colour images and, yes, It
works with Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10. I posed my question here because I
believe I am not the only Gimp user who uses TurboPrint and someone may
be able to advise me on how to achieve what I want via CUPS.


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