norman skrev:
> TuboPrint is a piece of commercial software which I happen to find an
> excellent companion to Gimp for producing colour images and, yes, It
> works with Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10. I posed my question here because I
> believe I am not the only Gimp user who uses TurboPrint and someone may
> be able to advise me on how to achieve what I want via CUPS.
> Norman

There should be no problem using TurboPrint to print over network. If 
you check the TP manual (, 
chapter 6 you will find a description. You must ensure CUPS on the 
printserver accepts print over net for the printer, if you have a 
firewall open port 631 and probably configure the client with "other 
(CUPS URI)" connection and a url like ipp://servername/printers/printername.


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