In attempt to get better color fidelity when watching, editing and printing
(not myself) photos from my slr camera, I downloaded from manufacturer
support site an .icm file for my monitor and I loaded it as "monitor
profile" in preferences|color management. 'Mode of operation' is set to
'color managed display' and 'rgb profile' is set to 'none'.
I'm quite concerned because now jpegs from my camera look brighter and less
colored (in a wolrd: worse) than before. Since I'm going to edit a lot of
them, and the result is going to be different whether I'm loading or not icm
monitor profile, what is the right way to go for better color accuracy?
Should I load icm profile or not?

I'm running gimp 2.4 on debian lenny.
I'm not using xcalib or xicc now but loading the icm profile with xicc makes
eog display jpegs the same way as gim.

Leonardo Canducci
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