2008/11/28 Hedley Finger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Leonardo Canducci wrote:
>> 'rgb profile' is set
>> >> to 'none'.
> I am curious.  The DSLR is RGB, the monitor is RGB so why would you not want
> an RGB profile?  Most reasonable inkjet printers capable of printing
> photographs do a good job of RGB --> CMYK translation, so RGB is not an
> issue.
> What am I missing or failing to understand here?
AFAIK, RGB by itself is not enough (sRGB, Adobe RGB, ecc.) to define color
space. Anyway 'none' is gimp default for 'RGB profile' and I assumed (because
there is no documentation about this option) this meant standard sRGB color
space. My d50 slr uses sRGB (IIIa) and I don't know about my cheap acer al718
monitor. I don't care about the printer cause I go to a photo lab shop
rather than print
myself with my super cheap inkjet.
AFAIK there should be camera profile that translate camera colour into
color space that must be rendered and translated in monitor color space.

Leonardo Canducci
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