my question was: what's best for the casual photographer whose workflow is:
camera -> gimp editing -> printing in a shop or publish in a web gallery
I'd better get and use an icm/icc profile or not?


as a casual photographer, what i did is this :

print a RGB color disc selecting R(FF000000)G(00FF00)B(0000FF) from GIMP
that gives an idea how your printer will show the full colors.
Now compare the print colors with the monitor colors, i trusted my eye.
Change the brightness/contrast/gamma value of the monitor manually to suit the 
print colors.

after this not so professional method, i took a few prints of  my pictures.
I m pretty happy!

If i need exhibit quality prints, i take the image to a nearest photo print guy 
ask him to do the necessary adjustments
and then print it.
I am satisfied :)

pls note! this is the very very crude method i followed..



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