doug skrev:
> Some of your correspondence hasn't appeared on the gimp-user list -
> I also have a Spyder2 colorimeter but haven't had it working under Linux.
> Can you give some more details and/or links?
Sorry - yes I have a bad habit just hitting the Reply button, and not
checking who I am writing to.

First of all, you need to have the Argyll installed: If it's not a part of your distribution,  you
can follow the link given, on what to do after download of the program.

Then you can follow the instructions given in "On Line Documentation".
Scroll down and click the 'Spyder 2' link.

Here you click the 'spyd2en' link. The program spyd2en is part of the
Agryll installation. Note that the installCD from DataColor must be

On one of the former pages, there is a link to some tutorials,
describing typical usage:

That should do it - I now have a working ICC profile, that I can load
into GIMP, but how to make it work 'all over' on the desktop, is still
to come. I have it installed on my desktop, using 2 monitors, and
regarding the page:
it should be no problem, just I have not yet figured out how. I am
running a Suse 10.3 with GIMP 2.4.6 where I can install the ICC-profile
to be used on the specific screen within GIMP, but not generally.

I have additional an small laptop with a Suse 11.0 on. It comes with a
GIMP 2.6.1, and here I can load the profile generally, so I can set the
GIMP to show colors with printer ICC-profile simulation.

I my opinion, that should give the best result for printing purpose -
screen calibrated to give correct(ed) colors, and 2' with simulation to
fit my printers 'behavior'.

If I'm wrong - please tell me.

My desktop is not yet a Suse 11.0, because it's a 64 bit CPU, and I will
not accept having to run all in 32 bit, just so I can reach my bank
(java-problems) - I have it working in Suse 10.3, but all  the
dependencies problems in the 11.0 makes me wait. I guess I will have to
install a 32 bit on the laptop, and use that for banking-needs. Not good
- but acceptable.

Sincerely Mogens Jaeger
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