After scaling down an image you have to use the filter USM (unsharp mask) to 
sharpen your image. You did not mention if you did so.
Ruud> To: gimp-user@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> Date: Fri, 
28 Nov 2008 22:09:34 +0100> Subject: [Gimp-user] PS scaling looks noticeably 
better then Gimp's> > I've noticed this on multiple occasions that when I scale 
pictures down in> Photoshop they look noticeably better when I do the same in 
Gimp. The scaled> down image PS leaves is sharp and crisp, while the Gimp 
scaled down is more> blurry. > > Does anybody know why this is the case and if 
there is any setting I am> missing that would improve the quality of pictures 
when they they get scaled> down (this is especially true for scaled down fonts 
that were flattened and> unrecoverable).> > > -- > smith> 
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