Whats up with the tools window? See my view:
All the tools can be selected pressing a key combination such as A, S, P,  
CTRL E blahblahblah. So, less points for it.
The menu that was once was there is no more there. Less points for it.
The tool options has move, by myself, to a combination of dockable  
dialogues because putting it on the tools windows only makes less room for  
the image I will edit. Less points to it.
Closing that means closing the whole app. Less points to it.
The minimize button that was once there is no more there. Less points for  
Conclusion: Its points-less for me having that displayed in my desktop  
however I cant close or minimize that!
How annoying...

Lap1994, sending any bug/suggestion in the more simple way since he had  
this idea
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