Johan Vromans wrote:
> "Nathan Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I don't really see what you're trying to do -- If you download that
>> billboard image, then take another image you want to put in that
>> white space on the billboard, then that is completely trivial. Can
>> you explain more please?
> What I want is a good image of an empty billboard, that is transparent
> except for the billboard itself.

Why don't you make one using the Gimp?  ;-)  You can
draw the frame in white on a black background, apply
"Gaussian Blur" to it, make a second layer, and apply
"Filters > Light and Shadow > Lighting Effects..." with
the bottom layer (black/white) as a bump map. A nice
effect can be achieved by selecting the black layer,
shrinking the selection, then applying "Selection> Border"
(with "Feather" set) to it and fill this border with white.
This results in a nice 3D border that can be used as
a bump map for "Lighting Effects...".



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