Chris Mohler said the following on 2008-12-09 19:25:

 > Yes - there have been changes - if you post your script-fu here,
 > someone might help you update it.
Okay, pasted script lost text formating in e-mail.
So I put it here:
and here:

I need some help. First off all - how to modify this script to run 
properly in new enviroment (error msg: unbound variable...). I 
suppose the probblem is in set! operator in few lines on beginning 
of script.
When script was working (2.2.10) it saved me lot of time

Another question is "How to save opened jpg image" at the end of 
script. I've tried to do it by myself, but after one month I gived 
up. Only thing I can do is read file name. Nothing more

My everyday work is:
1) double click on existing .jpg file
2) make some retouching on picture, fix colors, geometry etc
3) when image is ready I would like script to do:
  a) scale image to 400 pxl height (perfect for target www)
  b) sharpen image (factor 40 - is great for my cameras)
  c) flatten image (than is ready for save .jpg)
  d) save file, exactly save, not save As - raw copy is still saved
     on camera flash card
  e) close image

If somebody can help me I will be grateful to

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