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2008-12-12 16:19:

> Updated script:  

Great!!! It works perfect 4 me! Big thanks :)

> I believe the most significant problem you were experiencing is that  
> the action of flattening your image results in a newly created layer  
> and all the original layers disappear; i.e., the original "Drawable"  
> value that you were using in your 'file-jpeg-save' call was no longer  
> valid after the script flattened the image.

It is dificult to say.. I have seen syntax error, or... no action, 
but I believe U R right.

> It is not possible to perform step 3e) --  scripts can only close  
> images which they themselves open or create. Images that are opened or  
> created from the menus must be closed from the menus.

Lets say if it is impossible than I have to find a benefit... 
think... think... well, there is benefit:
I have "undo" working and if something is wrong with a picture (i.e 
to heavy sharpen) I can go step back and make all things manually.
Kind of final check out. In this point it will be better when 
displayed image is viewed 100% (1:1). It is one command... but I do 
not remember...

> The updated script will result in the image being marked as saved, so  
> that closing the image does not generate a warning about losing  
> changes. I am not entirely comfortable about doing this because not  
> ALL image changes are saved with the JPEG format and closing your  
> image after running the script will result in the loss of some  
> information -- e.g., any channels or paths you've created, as well as  
> the degradation of the picture owing to JPEG's lossy compression.  
> Nonetheless, given your work flow, it seems appropriate as long as you  
> remain aware of this limitation. If you should prefer to still be  
> warned about losing data then remove the line which calls  
> 'gimp-image-clean-all'.

Your notes are very important, thank U. But I know the limitation of 
.jpg files. This way I make just for one puprpose: network preview 
of real estate, for example:

For printed matters I can work one or two (or more) hours with each 
image and no script is necessary :)

One more time - thanks.


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