"David Gowers" wrote

> It's perfectly capable of working with GIMP 2.6 -- I
> have installed it
> here, with no need for anything unusual.

> However, chances are nothing is wrong at all and your
> fully functional.

I fear not

Actually i'm hosting the Windows installer of gap 2.4 BUT I'm not sure that is 
fully functional with Gimp-2.6, on the contrary i found, and i had reports of 
some serious bugs(only if used with gimp 2.6)

I didn't report yet to bugzilla only because the Windows installer of GAP 2.4 
is not "official" so i'm not sure is supported, but others should have
anyway  already reported to bugzilla some problems

Most evident bugs i found are with "Filter all layers-apply variyng" and with 
Frame Modify_Apply filter on Frames_apply variyng"

First a lot of warning pop out about missed iter procedures, then strange 
things may happens...
Note that i refer here only to use of gimp build in filters that on gimp 2.4 
were all correctly animated...and the errors are not that i will expect

I will expect in case of errors only first and last frames be edited, or none, 
while the filter is applied often to  random numbers of frames in 
random positions in the layerstack , and not to all frames

not always but sometimes the other frames are screwed up (i.e with gaussian 
blur i had 40% frames blurred but the other instead then blurred were  heavily 
pixelated on the hightlights)

Even more puzzling for me some filters i.e gaussian blur sometimes works as 
should, sometimes not and that on similar groups of frames

more detail here 

Another but much less relevant problem is with split imagine into frames, with 
gimp 2.6 to be displayed is not the first but the last frame

May be other problems, since Apply filter on frames is essential to my workflow 
i didn't check further

PS my pc is a dual core, with xp fully updated and 2gb ram
i had no problems with a much less performing notebook but with gimp 2.6


About solutions first i will like to be sure that Filter all layer-variyng and 
Frame modify-apply filter-variyng work both correctly on linux, and
same for "split imagine in frames"

If i may be certain that is a problem only of the windows version i may search 
help to recompile against gimp 2.6..

but first...someone may check on linux,please?
better on big imagines with many frames where this problem show up more often.

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