I was just automatically upgraded under Fedora 9 to Gimp 2.6.3.

Help keeps crashing. It comes up with the first page on the right and a
window with contents on the left.  clicking on an item on the left has
no effect.  Clicking on any link on the right crashes.  Also, clicking
on the icon in the upper right which is supposed to take you to the gimp
website crashes.

When I run it from the command line, I get
/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/help-browser: fatal error: Segmentation fault

So it appears to be unusable at present.  Of course, I can go the gimp
documentation web site and read it there, but that is less convenient.

Is this known and in the process of being fixed, or, should I report it
to the gimp bugzilla?
Leonard Evens <l...@math.northwestern.edu>
Mathematics Department, Northwestern University

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