Thank you everyone for your ideas.  I ended up upgrading to Ubuntu 8.1,
which automagically upgraded me to Gimp 2.6.1.  I'll now investigate how to
make the incremental upgrade to 2.6.3 or whatever.

As an aside, I had been running 8.04 LTS.  I didn't realize that the "LTS"
variants would not offer an upgrade to non-LTS versions.  That's why one
computer was running 8.10 but this one was running 8.04.

I do enjoy the 2.6.x flavors of GIMP, despite the shift in interface
paradigms.  I know it is a small thing, but my favorite improvement is the
diagonal line that shows in the curves dialog.  It really does help to let
me know how radical my changes are.  It's such a small thing, but I
appreciate it every day.

Thanks again for your insight and help.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 2:17 AM, Claus Cyrny <> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Owen wrote:
>> I am running Ubuntu Linux v8.04.  I love Gimp 2.6 on Windows, but am
>>> using
>>> only version 2.4.5 on Ubuntu.
>>> How do I upgrade to v 2.6.x of Gimp on Ubuntu?
>> I don't think you are going to be able to do this.
>> To do so requires a number of updated libraries, glib,gtk, babl and
>> gegl are 4 off the top of my head and I am pretty sure the 8.04
>> repositories wont hold these.
>> You can do it by building your own libraries from the sources, but I
>> guess you don't want to do that
> As an afterthought to my private email, I think I agree with that.
> There are simply too many additional libraries to update, not just
> 'gimp-data' and 'libgimp'. I only kept my /home partition from Ubuntu
> 8.04 and did a complete new install of Ubuntu 8.10.
> HTH,
> Claus
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