Florio wrote:
> Hi there. 
> I'm new to GIMP, but have already watched a number of tutorials on YouTube
> etc and it seems an excellent program.
> When I downloaded GIMP, I also downloaded the help file (single file in
> English), which I then installed. The problem is that when I press F1 for
> help, I get the following message:...<snippage>...
> I'd prefer to have direct access to the user manual rather than using the
> online one. Can someone please explain how to get the help file working? 

I asked a similar question a few weeks ago, and was told it's a known 
issue in 2.6.x, and if I remember correctly, is to be addressed in an 
upcoming release. Meantime, since I know it installed on my system, and 
since I know it is an [set of] html files, I simply point my internet 
brower [I prefer Seamonkey, but the same technique should work with any 
browser] to the top level of the help files on my system, and bookmarked 
it. When I need to open the local help files, I simply open the browser, 
and click on the link.


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