Thanks for the tip. Tried that, but am now getting the following message: "The
GIMP help browser is not available.The GIMP help browser plug-in appears to be
missing from your installation. You may instead use the web browser for
reading the help pages." I have installed the help files, so cannot really
understand why Gimp doesn't open them. What and where is the browser plug-in?

>>Florio wrote:
>>> Hi there. 
>>> I'm new to GIMP, but have already watched a number of tutorials on
>>> etc and it seems an excellent program.
>>> When I downloaded GIMP, I also downloaded the help file (single file in
>>> English), which I then installed. The problem is that when I press F1
>>> help, I get the following message:...<snippage>...
>>> I'd prefer to have direct access to the user manual rather than using
>>> online one. Can someone please explain how to get the help file working?

>If you go to Edit > Preferences > Help System you can set the option to use
>the local copy of the help instead of the online version.  You can also
>specify what browser to use for viewing the help.

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