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> Dear All,
> I am using GIMP 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 8.10
> I wonder if there is a way to combine a few images in one file, so that
> they will be placed side by side (something like tiles) in columns
> spanning across several rows? All images are of the same size which is
> predefined (7cm x 7cm). I want to print them as a single file.

You can use the "File->Open As Layers" command to open multiple into  
one image as separate layers.

Second, I wrote a Script-fu a while back which adds a command  
("Filters->Map->Mosaicize") which will arrange all of the layers in  
grid. The script automatically determines the number of rows and  
colors (attempting to keep the resulting image as square as possible)  
and will center each layer within a "cell" sized just large enough to  
ensure that no layers overlap.

None of the original layers are modified, they are just moved around.  
A background layer (filled with gray) is created which will provide  
"framing" around any layers which are smaller than the layer's cell.

The script can be downloaded from

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