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   > Quoting Olga Lyashevska <o...@herenstraat.nl>:
   > > I am using GIMP 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 8.10
   > >
   > > I wonder if there is a way to combine a few images in one file, so that
   > > they will be placed side by side (something like tiles) in columns
   > > spanning across several rows? All images are of the same size which is
   > > predefined (7cm x 7cm). I want to print them as a single file.
   > You can use the "File->Open As Layers" command to open multiple into  
   > one image as separate layers.
If the OP's intention is just to place images in a matrix, I would also
suggest inkscape for the job. Placing and moving around is much easier
in inkscape.


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