Hi Gimp-user,

My goal is to understand tab-middle.png from Firefox chrome, and in
the process understand alpha transparency better.

The image is 1x75.  I'm not sure of the correct way of saying this,
but from pixel 2 to 31 there is a decreasing amount of white visible,
(or an increasing value for the alpha channel). I think pixel 1 is gray.

Using the Gradient tool, I set Opacity to 70. I click the second pixel
in the image and hold the ctrl key while dragging. What I want to
happen is for the gradient to start at pixel 2 (where I clicked), but
it's starting at pixel 1.  Is it possible to start a Gradient at
pixel 2 (or where ever I click), or do I just need to redo pixel 1
after the Gradient.

I've gone to the Channels Dialog and clicked off R, G, B, so I could
see the alpha channel. But some times it is so light that it is hard
to tell. Is there a better way to inspect the alpha channel?

Thank you.


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