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> On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Jozef Legény <aku...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> you can add glow somewhat like this :
>> 1. select the shape you want the glow on (have the shape on a separate layer
>> with transparent background)
>> 2. go to select->grow selection and choose the radius of your glow (let's say
>> 5)
>> 3. go select->feather selection and choose the "blurriness" level (again, 5
>> for example)
>> 4. create a new transparent layer, fill the selection with the color you want
>> and move it under the layer with the shape
> Here is what I made by following your steps:
> http://ajaygautam.com/star-glow.png
> Its not bad, but not as good as
> http://bp0.blogger.com/_alkHInneMyQ/R9qLB1aRY_I/AAAAAAAAAxA/M5AJ5scgH8M/s320/Om.jpg
> It seems we would need to add a white-ish layer somewhere in between...

Ok, so I took my advice, and inserted a white later between the star
and the purple layer. Here is what I have:

Question: How do I merge / gradient / diffuse the white and purple
layers into one?


(PS: Jozef: Sorry, you will get this email twice, I thought the email
was sent to the group too).

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