Sven Neumann <> writes:

> Since there have been no changes in the GIMP code that could explain
> this, you should have a look at the build process. Looks like you did
> not build the poppler plug-in.

I verified the crashes with the Fedora 10 version of Gimp 2.6.3.

The Fedora version does not use the poppler plugin for PDF import,
although it mentions poppler-devel with the build requirements. It
uses a ghostscipt plugin instead. This plugin crashes on specific

It turns out to be a missing requirement. The build needs
poppler-devel AND poppler-glib-devel. The latter is not listed
with the build requirements.

I'll file a bug report with Fedora, and rebuild my kits.

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

-- Johan

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