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> Hi!
> My friend have a Photoshop and I created a COM/OLE based python script for
> make some photo preprocessing in "batch mode".
> This python script loads all files in a dir, and converts every simple photo
> image with these modifications:
> a.) original as *.org.jpg
> this is needed because the photoshop can detect the EXIF rotation flag and
> save the image with good direction.
> b.) AutoColor *.col.jpg
> c.) AutoContrast *.cnt.jpg
> d.) AutoLevels *.lev.jpg
> e.) Black and White *.baw.jpg
> When this script finished, the directory is full with "same" files, and my
> next program can show all images, and my friend can choose which image is
> better for the album - this will copied to the album directory.
I would like to suggest that you place the generated files in a
subdirectory so it does not get mixed up with the original files.

> This was the photo processor tool that my friend uses to make the album
> simply.
> Some other friends are interesting for this tool, but they haven't got
> Photoshop.
> I wanna realize same thing with GIMP if it is possible to do.
> As I see the GIMP have more automatic colour conversions for the images.
> Please help me, how to:
> a.) start GIMP in batch mode
> b.) pass filelist to a script
> b.) convert and save to a new jpg file with diff. extension
> Can I do it this thing or better if I forget this complex converter?
You can certainly do this with GIMP + Python or GIMP + Script-fu.

       --batch-interpreter <procedure>
               Specifies the procedure to use to process batch events.
The default is to let Script-Fu evaluate the  com‐

       -b, --batch <command>
               Execute  <command>  non-interactively.  This option may
appear multiple times.  The <command> is passed to
               the batch interpreter. When <command> is - the commands
are read from standard input.
from gimp man page.

That addresses your first two points. for the last point, use the
procedure browser to look up file-jpeg-save.

David :)
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