On Monday 05 January 2009, Robert Slater wrote:

> I am trying to create some teaching aids using GIMP animation. I have
> a few GIMP animations working so far. All of the animations run in a
> loop without stopping.  I would like the user to be able to control
> the frames using VCR-style buttons (PLAY, PAUSE, REWIND, STEP-by-STEP)
> within my animated script. Something similar to Filters->Animation-
> Playback would be great. Is there something I can add to my animations
> that would support the VCR-style buttons?

I haven't worked very much with GAP (Gimp Animation Plugin), it might provide 
it, but I doubt that GIMP is suited well as a general viweing application.  
Try some other movie viewer that can also play the format of your choice.

> Also, I would like to post these GIMP animations on a web page. Is
> there anyway to allow the user to see the animation without being able
> to download the file? Right now, the user can right-click on the link
> and download the GIF file to their computer. Can I stop this from
> happening?

Hardly.  Somehow the data has to reach the other user's computer to be 
displayed there.  And in that moment you lose control over what's done with 
your data.  The only thing you can do is make it a bit harder for the 
determined and a lot less user friendly for the casual visitor of that web 

Yours, Daniel

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