I am the lead developer and current CEO of a small startup developing some
kind of cool Web 2.0 product (this sure looks funny, but cannot say much
more right now). I am looking to hire someone with a very specific profile,
so I thought maybe this mailing list would be a good start.

The ideal person would have:

* excellent designer skills using open-source tools (Gimp, Inkscape,
* be a efficient programmer (the best would be to have some knowledge of
Gimp internals, or to have already written Gimp plugins)
* good knowledge of Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS).

The important part is that we need someone who can create great visual
designs and images (this is absolutely needed for the role), but who is also
a programmer, or has at least basic programming knowledge and is willing to
become an advanced programmer. Knowing Python and the JEE framework
(especially Spring and Hibernate) are huge bonuses as that's what we use,
but more important for us is someone who can learn quickly (and enjoys doing
this) new frameworks, languages and libraries. Oh, and he should be an
open-source enthusiast.

As you see, developers / contributors to the GIMP would constitute excellent
candidates, if they have also great artistic skills :)

Place is not important as we are able to offer full work from home
opportunity to the right person, and we plan to follow a distributed agile
approach for development. Small bonuses for candidates in France, Canada,
the US or Russia as we have ties to these countries. We are currently based
in France.

We would be able to pay a really good salary, and we are interested in
getting in touch with candidates right now (although we are still looking
for funding, so are not sure to be able to hire someone until funding is

Feel free to pass this information along to whoever may be interested in the

Jean-Noel Rivasseau

PS: I am usually on the #gimp channel on IRC, by the nick elvanor.
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