Just trying to learn how to specify arguments to script-fu
scripts.  There's a lot of useful scripts there.

I was first trying to get script-fu-text-circle to work and
the Procedure Browser brings up the documentation that
indicates that the first argument is run-mode INT32 Interactive, non-interactive
And the command line is:

(script-fu-text-circle run-mode string value value value value toggle font)

Well, if you specify run-mode, the script won't work.  Leaving out the run
mode argument so that the command line is:

(script-fu-text-circle string value value value value toggle font)

The script runs beautifully.

Now all the scripts seem to have this run-mode argument which I suppose
that you all know to ignore.  It took me a couple of hours to figure that

So now I'm on to explore other scripts.  And looking at some, I see that there
is an "image"; "drawable" and "color" arguments in some.

(script-fu-t-o-p-logo-alpha run-mode image drawable value value value toggle 
color color)

So my question (finally) is:

How does one specify arguments like "image"; "drawable" and "color"?

Could some kind person email me a step by step guide to specifying the
more complicated arguments to a script-fu script?

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