I am doing this:
- I open an ordinary .jpg file
- I choose a selection tool (say, rectangle)
- I select some small region
- copy (from menu)
- paste (from menu)
- the pasted selection appears as a "Floating Selection / (Pasted
- I choose the move tool
- I move the pasted layer to my desired location
- I choose a selection tool (say, elipse)
- I try to select some small region on the base layer (the original
- while hovering the mouse over the image, the cursor shows an anchor
- while clicking to make the new selection, the existing layers are
combined into one single layer

I don't understand what is this. I just want that after the first paste
action the new created layer remain there for ever, even after six or
ten thousands other further actions. I only want to combine layers when
I give the command to flatten the image.

The tooltip over the Undo menu says "Undo Anchor Floating Selection".
I can un-anchor the layers, but then it combine back again at next move.

How can I paste as a simple layer which can remains as is ?
I also noticed that I cannot select the layers with the mouse (in the
Layers dock window), but I can move the layer selection with the
keyboard up/down keys (but that didn't change anything for me).

Which part of the documentation explain this ? (I didn't found this, but
maybe I looked wrong).

Thank you,
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