> From: Cristian Secar? <or...@secarica.ro>> 
> the first paste
> action the new created layer remain there for ever, even
> after six or
> ten thousands other further actions. I only want to combine
> layers when
> I give the command to flatten the image.

That was a usability issue in older version of Gimp is solved now in gimp 2.6.

Simply instead then copy and paste, you have to copy and PASTE AS/New Layer.

Unfortunately the Gimp Help is not yet fully updated to Gimp 2.6 so the 
function may be not described there , but luckily is sufficent simple to not 
require documentation, just is needed to notice that menu option

Another similar functions  that avoid the user to have to unnecessary fiddle  
with floating selection in gimp 2.6 is Layer/new layer from visible.

Paste as as also other useful options i.e. paste as new imagine

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