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> How can i select multiple layers at once?

About the only support for "selecting of multiple layers" is to  
chainlink them, and this only helps you operate on them as a group for  
the transformation tools (move, rotate, scale, etc).

> For example when i want to delete 10 layers at once.

The easiest work-around is to hide all of the layers you want to keep,  
merge the visible layers, then delete the resulting merged layer (and  
unhide the retained layers).

> Where can i see what my selection size is?
> It tells nowhere what the selection size is after releasing mousebutton.

Again, not directly possible in current GIMP (expect it in the next  
version). A kludgy work-around is to float the selection and open the  
scale layer dialog -- the dimensions of the selection will be the  
layer bounds. CANCEL the dialog and perform an UNDO to return to your  
original image.

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