Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Help Pluggin

> Hi all:
> I just started using this program. It is the newest
> version.
> I want to install the help pluggin.  I have tried this
> about five times and
> it always looks like it is installing, but when I try to
> use "help" I get a
> message that says the pluggin isn't installed.
> Is there some way to fix this?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Michael

If you use Windows help came with a installer , if was not a installer you 
maybe get the the wromg help package
But ,again on Windows may be some other problem with the HELP , at least i had

In case you may

use online help (is a new option in the help menu)


create a shortcut for the help you downloaded more exactly for the index page, 
then you may open the help with a click on the shortcut

If you installed the Help you should see a "help" folder in your GIMP (inside 
Program Files/gimp/share/gimp/2.0 )
Open the help folder :there are inside one or more subfolders as "en" for 
English Help "fr" for France Help,

open now the folder corresponding to your language, "en" for engish and search 
the file called "index.html"

NOW you may right click on that file chose " create link to the deskpot", then 
a click on the link will automatically open gimp help index, and from there any 
page of the help you may wish.

when opened you may even bookmark the page in internet explorer or firefox ,all 
browsers allow to bookmark and/or display stored web pages,as are that from 
gimp help you installed

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