Hi guys,

I finally got Gimp installed and running for the purpose of writing a web
application with image manipulation in perl.

I've been scouring documentation and found a few useful tutorials. But I
still don't have a complete picture.

My first script (see below; I am running it from a shell) dies on save (I
tried file_gif_save & file_bmp_save. Both fail. What am I doing wrong?
What's a good place to find a tutorial that's directed specifically at
stand-alone perl-server applications?

Thanks for the help!

Here is my sample script:

use Gimp qw(:auto );
use strict;

sub do_stuff{
   my $size = '100x100';
   my $color = "#FFFF00";
   my $img = gimp_image_new($size, $size, RGB);
   my $layer = gimp_layer_new($img, $size, $size, RGB,
                "Layer 1", 100, NORMAL_MODE);
   gimp_image_add_layer($img, $layer, -1);
   my $out = 'out.gif';
#  file_gif_save(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $img, $layer, $out, $out, 0, 0, 0, 0);
   file_bmp_save(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $img, $layer, $out, $out);

exit main();

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