Here is a list of my thoughts on how to set up gimp to do image manipulation
on the web. Could anyone with some experience please comment!

1. We are going to need a server. I guess I start perl-server like this:
    gimp -i -b '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)'&

2. Now I write client functions for common tasks and put them into plugins
directory. This way, I can just use those plugins from the web client.

3. I configure the web clients to connect to the server (found this at

        1.setenv GIMP_HOST passw...@ on server box A(where the gimp,
etc are installed);
        2.start gimp perl server on server box A;
        3.setenv GIMP_HOST passw...@ on client box B; 
        4.start the script on client box B;

4. So... Now I need to connect to the Gimp server and tell it to warp my
image, or whatever it is. 

So I do something like this:
  use Gimp qw/:auto/;
  Gimp::on_net(sub {plugin_warp_image( name => 'my-image', shape =>
'trapezoid') };
  exit main();

5.  OK, so I am in a web application. 
  Exit main() does not sound right...

Furthermore, I am going to need to retrieve the image as binary data, ask
the server to create a new image, then get it back.  What does my client
look like?

6. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks so much for the help! 
I apologize for newbiness, but am hoping that what comes out of this thread
might serve the next guy!


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