I've run into a few problems with this version of GIMP.

I uninstalled all previous versions of GIMP.
And I uninstalled gimp-2.6.4-i686-setup.exe.

Then I reinstalled gimp-2.6.4-i686-setup.exe and the
problems STILL occur. I uninstalled GTK. Went through
the whole uninstall/reinstall but the problems still

After editing an image, I get a bunch of errors which
indicate that there are various missing DLLs/EXEs.

I'm getting ready to UNINSTALL gimp-2.6.4-i686-setup.exe
again. And then do a REINSTALL.

I hope I do not need to send a prayer out to get things
working. How come the new version of GIMP is so much
smaller than the older versions?

gimp-2.6.4-i686-setup.exe 15,892,408 bytes
gimp-2.4.6-i686-setup.exe 17,950,304 bytes

I downloaded the new version of GTK. Uninstalled the old
version. And I'm lost at the moment on how to figure out
how to get the new version to work. Is there a GIMP .ini
file which tells GIMP where to locate GTK?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jim Carlock

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