On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:07:54 -0500, Jim Carlock wrote:

> So the script-fu.exe resides in a folder that does NOT have
> a libglib-2.0-0.dll. And GIMP does not know where to look
> for this particular file.

The installer tries to set up environment in such way that GIMP-2.0\bin
directory is first in PATH when plugins and extensions are started (this is
done through Registry and GIMP's global configuration files).

If you aren't using any other GTK+ application, uninstall GTK+ completely,
and just let GIMP use GTK+ that ships with it.

> So looking through the registry, I find some keys that
> GIMP failed to clean up upon uninstalling...
> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\gimp-2.6.exe
> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\gimp-win-remote.exe

These keys weren't created by the installer, so it can't remove them (GIMP
itself doesn't use registry). My guess is that they were created by
Explorer when manipulating file associations through it.

> I probably need to run something to get the system to
> do a REGISTRY RELOAD. That's not a very proper term,
> but let me try this and see what occurs.

Registry changes are instantaneous.

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