Owen wrote:
The two functions, gimp_file_load_layer and layers, which I located in
my local installation's Xtns browser are not found by perl-gimp on the
server.  It says, " function/macro "gimp_file_load_layers" not found

Should I give up or is there a reason it might be failing? (These are
the only missing functions so far!)

GIMP version 2.2.13
Gimp.pm 2.0

Here is how i use it:

use Gimp qw(:auto );\\sub layer{
   my $img = gimp_file_load(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $product, $product);
   my $lay = gimp_file_load_layers(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $img, $artist);


exit main();

In by browser it says gimp-file-load-layers , gimp-file-load , and

Not sure what you mean - that I should be using dashes? I understand, you always replace those with underscores as dash is not a valid character for function names.

Do you really have those two \\ in there

LOL... Of course not! Happened as a result of copy/paste/something for the email itself!. :-)
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