I am getting close now! Everything is working beautifully, thanks for 
all the help.

I am having a problem saving a .psd file. Actually, the problem is 
opening the just-saved .psd

Here are two lines:
 my $img = gimp_file_load(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $in, $in);
 gimp_file_save(RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $img, 
gimp_image_get_active_drawable($img), $out, $out);

One opens a psd file, the other immediately writes it out.  In the 
server log, I get

PSD: Stern warning - no mask info.

I am sure that's a clue.  If I try to re-open the file by the same 
script, or by my local install of Gimp, I get

PSD: unexpected EOF while reading 'layer top' chunk

One thought that I had was - why do I pass a drawable in when I am 
trying to write a psd file?!  I tried passing in an undef and got the 
same results.  Drawable is probably just ignored. Beyond that, I have no 
interesting ideas...

Humble thanks one more time!
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