Thanks, Mark, for a thoughtful reply. You are right about CentOS. Those 
who want latest-and-greatest use Fedora.  CentOS is designed for 
stability.  I read that somewhere.  :-)

A couple of missing functions didn't offend me and I got around them. 
The saving to .psd issue - well, that's more irritating - but I was able 
to get people who need to use the output to install Gimp.  The primary 
output I am generating is, of course, the actual image files, Jpegs.
> If you're trying to do programmed image manipulation from a web app,
> the Gimp might not be the best choice.  Have you considered
> alternatives?  Perhaps ImageMagick?

Yes, I've been using ImageMagick for a long time.

In this particular case, I was excited to try out Gimp because it 
enables me to manipulate psd files & layers. What I wound up coming up 
with is so beautiful, it hurts.  I am truly grateful for the existence 
of Gimp API in the end. I am tempted to pollute the list by telling you 
all about the neat idea.  But that's what happens as you get wiser - you 
learn to resist your temptations.  Yes, even on the internet!

Thanks everyone again! Especially Mark. He gets a ribbon for named pipes!
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