On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 17:27 +0100, OnyX wrote:
> In severel Blender tuts, I need to go in to Gimp and made things and then
> export it in to Blender. < 
> http://www.linuxgraphic.org/section3d/blender/pages/didacticiels/paysages/index-ang.html

Nice.  I wish I spoke German (that's the language there, right?).  Looks
like a pretty nice site.

> I have try to covert to blend file, gif, jpeg, but i got messages "wrong
> "filendelse.

Not sure that that translates too, but you should only have to use
"File->Save as" and then type the name and file extension, such as
"MyFile.jpg".  GIMP will save the image in the format specified by the
filename extension.  There shouldn't be any converting required, unless
you need an indexed image (re: GIF), in which case you do
"Image->Mode->Indexed" before you save the file.

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