I want to extend my thanks to the developers of Gimp, the list members
here (who are SO VERY helpful), and the authors of Gimp books. Once I
got my head around the concept of layers, it was so easy and intuitive
to use gimp. I am still a noobie, but one with enough conviction about
the possibilities: all thanks to the wonderful people of the Gimp
world. Yesterday, I created this web banner for a client:
http://www.re-taste.com/catalog/images/banner-feb-09.png - While no
master piece, by any sense of the word, it keeps the clients happy :)


(PS: I see layers everywhere - Everytime I see one of those mega
banners on the highway, or an advt at the train station, I immediately
break it into layers...)

Happiness  is a long walk with a putter.
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