On Sunday 25 January 2009 12:42, Ajay Gautam wrote:
> Hello
> I want to extend my thanks to the developers of Gimp, the list members
> here (who are SO VERY helpful), and the authors of Gimp books. Once I
> got my head around the concept of layers, it was so easy and intuitive
> to use gimp. I am still a noobie, but one with enough conviction about
> the possibilities: all thanks to the wonderful people of the Gimp
> world. Yesterday, I created this web banner for a client:
> http://www.re-taste.com/catalog/images/banner-feb-09.png - While no
> master piece, by any sense of the word, it keeps the clients happy :)
> Thanks
> Ajay
> (PS: I see layers everywhere - Everytime I see one of those mega
> banners on the highway, or an advt at the train station, I immediately
> break it into layers...)

I cant help but agree with Ajay.
A heartfull thanks to all the individuals who give their time to this project.
I LOVE Gimp! I use it fo a varety of tasks. Anything from just resizing or 
converting things my daughter wants in a better shape, to photo editing.
It so handy.!

And as far as braking things down in layers..
I was a herald in the Society for Creatine Anachronism (SCA) a while back.
I broke every streetsing into heraldic language...
Almost the same thing! :)
It actually helps me now, as i edit and combine images.
I can look at a picture and break it down to major and minor components, and 
thus into layers. VERY handy.

Keep up the wonderful work!!!


/Rikard Johnels

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