Claus Cyrny <> wrote:

> Bernhard S. wrote:
> Desktop files install into ${datarootdir}
> Extra Binaries:
>    gimp-console:        yes
>    gimp-remote:         no (not enabled)
> Optional Features:
>    D-Bus service:       no
>    Language selection:  yes
> Optional Plug-Ins:
>    Ascii Art:           no (AA library not found)
>    Help Browser:        no (WebKit not found)
>    LCMS:                no (lcms not found or unusable)
>    JPEG:                yes
>    MNG:                 no (MNG header file not found)
>    PDF:                 Using PostScript plug-in (libpoppler not found)
>    PNG:                 yes
>    Print:               yes
>    PSP:                 yes
>    Python:              no
>    Script-Fu:           yes
>    SVG:                 no (librsvg not found)
>    TIFF:                no
>    TWAIN (MacOS X):     no
>    TWAIN (Win32):       no
>    URI:                 yes (using GIO/GVfs)
>    Windows ICO          yes
>    WMF:                 no (libwmf not found)
>    XJT:                 yes
>    XPM:                 no (XPM library not found)
> Plug-In Features:
>    EXIF support:        no (libexif not found or too old)
>    GNOME UI:            no (libgnomeui-2.0 not found)
>    GNOME keyring:       no (gnome-keyring-1 not found)
> Optional Modules:
>    ALSA (MIDI Input):   no (libasound not found or unusable)
>    Linux Input:         yes (HAL support: no)
>    DirectInput (Win32): no
>    Color Correction:    no (lcms not found or unusable)
>    Soft Proof:          no (lcms not found or unusable)
> libpoppler IS there, as are librsvg, libexif, and libgnomeui-2.0
> (I didn't check the rest). Does anyone know what's the matter here?
> I downloaded the source from the FTP site (the link is included on
> the Download page at

You need the headers of the libraries. In dpkg or apt-get words, you
need the xxx-dev packages. For example, libpoppler-dev, librsvg-dev, and
to on.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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