On Sun, 2009-01-25 at 08:01 -0800, Rem P Roberti wrote:

> I'm new to the list, and pretty new to the Gimp.  As a photographer I'm 
> still using Photoshop
> as my primary tool, because I need to be able to work on 16 bit images.  
> I understand that
> that eventually the Gimp will have 16 bit processing incorporated into 
> the program. 
> That being said, I do use the Gimp for some of my jpg files, and I am 
> wondering if there is a
> way to create larger soft brushes.  I often use a large soft brush for a 
> number of things in
> Photoshop (clone stamp, vignetting, various mask work) and the largest 
> soft brush that I can
> find in the Gimp is much too small.  Is there a work-around for this?

As GIMP is able to load quite a few of the brush file formats that
Photoshop uses, you could probably just continue to use your favorite
brushes in GIMP. There are also plenty of additional brushes available
for GIMP. And of course GIMP allows you to easily create your own


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