>I am using gimp 2.6.4 under Fedora 9.   I also have gutenprint 5.0.2.
>I have been using an Epson 1280. but I would like to be able to replace
>it if it fails.  (I just had a very hard time cleaning the printheads.)
>gutenprint tells me is supports the Epson Stylus Photo R1800 and R2400,
>but neither of these seems to be available.   Can I assume the Epson
>Stylus Photo R1900 is just an updated version of the R1800.  How about
>the Epson Stylus Photo 2880 and the R2400?
>Is there some way under gimp/Linux to print using the Epson 3800?


a couple of points: first, i don't know how you're cleaning the old 1280. you
can get them for nothing from people who have let them dry and clog. i use two
methods, both easy. method 1, very very carefully (not bumping into any
sensitive machinery) use a small hypodermic to apply a small amount of windex
to the foam pad that the ink jets rest on when they are all the way to the
right. let them sit over night and run a nozzle test. if they fail the test,
method 2, park the ink tanks in the ink changing position. use a small
hypodermic syringe (without a needle) to pump a little distilled h20 thru the
jets. to do this, remove both ink tanks. look down and you will see the two
little nipples above the jets that the ink tanks plug into. a standard
disposable syringe will just fit over the nipples. just a few ml. are all you
need. paper towels under the printer are a good idea. replace the tanks with
new ones if you can. run a nozzle test. i have seen cleaning solutions and
kits for sale but i think the magic cleaning solution is just h20. i have used
this technique to resurrect several epson dye-based printers. regarding the
epson 3800, you might want to look at one of the other epson pro series
printers there is a 17" model that uses k3 inks that may have drivers
available. the 3800 is limited in paper handling options, lacking rear and
front load paper paths (i believe.)
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