alexandre suzuki wrote:
> Something is probably missing in the Golden Text
> tutorial,in the website.The best I can
> get is flat,uninteresting golden text following
> the steps in the tutorial,and trying with several
> parameters.The beautiful,rich,surface lighting(the
> complexity of the golden light effects on the text
> surface) presented seems so distant to reach.

Why? You are getting the flat text because you
didn't blur the bump map (see further below).
I usually copy the b/w text layer and blur the
copy, So I can use the original text layer as a
layer mask, to "cut out" the final text. This looks
smoother than in the example, where there's a white
'halo' around the text.

> I used the same environment map image of the tutorial,
> and I did not do the gaussian blur on the bumpmap
> image
> (grayscale) the filter was not available.

??? 'Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur'. This step is
essential; otherwise, you don't get the 3D effect.

> I used gimp-2.6.4 and the lighting effects plugin
> (standard in 2.6.4).
> It seems the "story" was not completely told and some
> kind of "secret" remains uncovered.

IMHO, there isn't a "secret" to it; it's just a technique
everybody can learn. If you're still stuck, feel free to ask
me again.



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