Sven Neumann schrieb:
> GIMP doesn't know anything about JPEG images. The image is opened by a
> plug-in and the core only gets to see the decompressed image. So if you
> crop the image in GIMP, it will have to be recompressed when it is saved
> as JPEG again. The JPEG plug-in does a nice job at preserving as much of
> the JPEG compression settings as possible to minimize the defects
> introduced by the recompression. But you will get slightly better
> results with specialised software that works directly on the JPEG data.
Hi. Thanks. You (and Jernej) wrote it very clear!

Can any recommend such an editor for lossless cropping & rotating,
better even lossless resizing, if possible. Cropping, rotating and
resizing are the only feature my user (not me) uses and my user wanted
to have a GUI tool. If there isn't one but only commandline tools, then
I'd see if I can re-use my tcl/tk skill to make an opensource tool for this.
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