On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 19:46 +0800, zhangwe...@realss.com wrote:
> Hello. I read from an article which says jpeg images can be cropped
> losslessly. I searched "lossless gimp crop" on google without good
> findings. Can gimp do lossless cropping?

GIMP doesn't know anything about JPEG images. The image is opened by a
plug-in and the core only gets to see the decompressed image. So if you
crop the image in GIMP, it will have to be recompressed when it is saved
as JPEG again. The JPEG plug-in does a nice job at preserving as much of
the JPEG compression settings as possible to minimize the defects
introduced by the recompression. But you will get slightly better
results with specialised software that works directly on the JPEG data.


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