There is a very nice *free* picture viewer cum editor called irfanview, which 
will do lossless cropping and rotation of jpeg images (not sure about the 
resizing, though).
I think it's at www.irfanview.com, but if this isn't right you can find it very 
easily by googling "irfanview" and follow the link to official homepage.
You would need to download irfanview  and plugins separately and install both, 
irfanview first. Not sure if there are versions for OS other than windows, 
though - you'd have to check this...
Hope it helps,


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Hello. I read from an article which says jpeg images can be cropped
losslessly. I searched "lossless gimp crop" on google without good
findings. Can gimp do lossless cropping? If not, what software (better
has an GUI because I am not commandline guru) on Linux can be used to do
lossless cropping?


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