On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 6:58 AM, DJ <delphit...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Gimp-user,
> I downloaded a file that contains brushes, palettes, etc. from
> http://ramonmirandavisualart.blogspot.com/
> When I add brushes, for example, I always put them into a
> sub-directory under .gimp/brushes, like .gimp/brushes/gps. It is just
> easier to maintain the contents in the future. I don't need to make
> any changes in GIMP's preferences because GIMP searches
> sub-directories too. That is also true for palettes.
> But here is the question, the download also contains Tool Presets. I
> am new to this feature, so I may just be missing something.  I added
> the Tool Presets to a sub-directory under .gimp/tool-options, but the
> "Restore options from" button is still greyed/disabled.  I looked
> under Edit | Preferences, Folders and Tool Options, but didn't see
> anything that might change the outcome.
> Do Tool Options have to be in .gimp/tool-options main directory, or
> can a user add them to a sub-directory, or even change the main
> directory name?  If so, how?

All of the presets for a given tool are stored in a single file
matching the name of the tool, inside the tool-options/ directory. If
you want to combine them, you will need to copy+paste between the
relevant files.
Your idea is interesting, however it's in direct opposition to the way
tool-options are stored, afaik. Unless you treat the subdirectory
contents as read-only.

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